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Esquivo's Family - Il papa' :

Emilion 'Keur'

Color: b
Height: 170 cm  


International showjumper :

Video :!

Approved: KWPN, Westfalen. Received Keur in 2001.

Video :

The bloodlines of his sire and dam guarantee top performance as Emilion himself has already proven :

Emilion jumped with U. Kirchhoff at the highest level, taking 1st in the World Cup at Mill Street, 4th in the Grand Prix Valkenswaard, 2nd in the Grand Prix Donaueschingen, 5th in the Grand Prix London and 6th in the World Cup at Arhus. With the German Team, he was 4th in Dublin and Rotterdam and 2nd in Bremen.

Offspring of Emilion are successful in several Grand Prix and World Cup classes.

 Emilion jumped very successful at the highest international level. Some of his results are:

»1st World Millstreet
»4th Grand Prix Valkenswaard
»2nd Grand Prix Donaueschingen
»5th Grand Prix London
»6th World Arhus
»4th in Dublin and Rotterdam with the German Team
»2nd in Bremen with the German Team

Emilion is bred from a very good sport tribe: Fiance grandmother is a full sister of the Holstein stallion Lord. The genetic power of this strain is very large, both directly and in the maternal line.

Emilion has a jumping index of 135 with a high reliability of 93%. He inherits horses with a lot of power, elasticity and super setting.

Emilion has proven stallion to be amongst the best in the world.
International jumping toppers Emilion include:

»Tomboy - Eric vd Vleuten
»Glasgow - Norman Dello Joio
»Ukinda - Hugo Simon
»SNAI Seldana - Natale Chiaudani
»Valdato - Julia Kayser
»Ugano - Kirsten Rikkert
»Huge - Stein Endresen
»Emmerton - Vrieling
»Karina - Robert Whitaker
»Mivenno - Leslie Howard
»Utopia - Edward Doyle

Glasgow is one of the most winning horses in the USA. He won several Grand Prix and World Cups and was 'USA Horse of the Year'.

Emilion has proven stallion to be amongst the best in the world.

Emilion is approved by the KWPN, Westphalia, Selle Francais and Unire.

Emilion has proven to be one of Worlds best jumper producers !

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